Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I just lied to Dave Letterman

Well...to his assistant.

We're heading off for a week in New York next week (note to robbers, we've hired the H.A. Dogsitters to look after our place. They'll use lethal force if necessary. The dog bites as well). Last week I started looking around for what sort of tickets I could get my hands on. I decided to put my name in for a few TV shows and see what happens.

An assitant from the Late Show phoned me yesterday and asked if we'd be interested in coming. I wasn't sure what the timing was so I said I would phone her back. Anyhow, we sorted it out for the Monday taping (which actually might be for the Friday show) and I phoned her back.

They still had the tickets, so it was on to the lieing.

"Are you a fan of the show?"
"Oh ya. Of course." - Lie #1
"How often do you watch?"
"Oh...you know...once or twice a week." - Lie #2
"Okay. Great. Are you ready for the trivia question? You have to answer it yourself. No help."
"Oh....ya....fire away." - Lie #3
"What item of clothing is Paul Shaffer known for wearing?"
Frantic googling
"Well....he kind of wears wacky shirts?"
"Close, but not quite. There's actually two possible answers..."
I actually gave up at this point, but she seemed to really want to give me these tickets. So after about 30 seconds of umming and ahhhing...
"Close enough. I'll have your tickets ready for you at the box office."

Anyhow. I mean, who the hell has time to watch Letterman? How many shows does it compete with? Anyhow, next Monday (or Friday) we'll be in the audience. I'll try to do something touristy.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Food Perspective

This is just an awesome point of view on restaurant and food culture.