Monday, November 29, 2010

Have you listened to the new Girl Talk yet?

I've often thought that Greg Gillis must have sound/colour Synesthesia. His ability to take stuff on the craziest end of any spectrum and put them together into something that sounds awesome makes me feel inadequate. He's just that good. Check the Wikipedia notes.

Feed the Animals turned me off a bit. I started to feel old and didn't really give it the time that I gave Night Ripper. But this new a kick in the face. It's just too awesome.

The Ramones? Fugazi? The Gza? There's gems all over the place. And as Pitchfork said today, the pace of this album kind of makes you want to sit and listen to the whole thing. I like it. Quite a bit.

Interestingly, the spellcheck in Firefox doesn't seem to like "ipod" or "iPod". Weird.

Update - Speaking of iPods...why does the touch just decide to go on shuffle sometimes? Confused the hell out of me. I was stressing for the last half hour trying to figure out why what I was listening to wasn't lining up with Wikipedia.

Another Update - Globe and Mail article on Synesthesia.


  1. Ok, ok, I'll give this twerp one last shot. For you, Dave. By the way, happy 33rd the other week.

  2. Shit. I missed you as well, didn't I? Happy Birthday, old man.