Saturday, July 6, 2013

I think Lois Lane is a camera w####

OK, so I'm not sure what all the contempt is about regarding Man of Steel. It's not that bad. Certainly better than ~55% on Rotten Tomatoes. Maybe the contempt is regarding Lois Lane. I am certainly contemptuous of her, and I think Amy Adams is pretty good (though I didn't like her or her self-centered character in Julie and Julia, but that's another blog post).

 If (when) you watch Man of Steel, try to focus on how much Amy Adams is actually in the film. She is in almost every scene past the back-story development. Military finds strange object in ice (maybe a spaceship), so of course Lois Lane is arriving there and is able to hop into the shape-ship. Lois Lane dropped off on a random ice patch in the arctic, and wakes up to a helicopter picking her up. Lois Lane figures out who Superman is. Lois Lane mentioned on TV knowing who Superman is. Lois Lane brought to army headquarters. Lois Lane only person allowed to interview Superman. Lois Lane invited to spaceship of General Zod. Lois Lane crashes to earth but saved by Superman (Fall #1). Superman flies from China or Australia - or whatever place is on the other side of the planet - in a minute or so, and saves Lois Lane when crashing to earth (Fall #2). Superman flies all over city crashing into building after building after building from one end of the huge city to the other, and finally lands on the ground, Lois Lane happens to be just outside.

If this is some contract thing established by Amy Adams, both she and Hollywood really suck, and I like her and her Julie character even less. I wouldn't want to meet her either.

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