Monday, September 27, 2010

The Amazing Race

A year or two back, I would never have admitted to anybody that I was an Amazing Race fan. I mean, it seemed kind of ludicrous that this would be something I would be interested in. And it's not something that really hangs around in my brain. I don't even remember who won the last installment and that was only a few months ago. But there's just too many perfect moments on this show and it makes it one of the greatest things on television. *Examples:

S17 - Episode 1 - Yes. Just last night. A chick gets hit by a watermelon IN THE FACE! Not even gently. just could not believe how hard this thing hits her. IN THE FACE! Beyond awesome.

S14 - Episode 1 - The Cheese Rolling Challenge. Magical, magical television. I don't know how people didn't die.

S13 - Episode 9 - The weird little Frat Boys attempt to do a Russian March and they defy physics. It's like the Elaine Seinfeld dance except real. And better.

S12 - Episode 1 - There are a lot of terrible couples in the Amazing Race. I think it was Nathan & Jennifer in this one. Entertaining throughout. He argues with a donkey in this episode. It's like the entire world is out to get him and his girlfriend is leading the charge.

This really is the ultimate show for laughing at others misfortune. I urge you to watch.

*Ya, ya. I know. These are kind of spoilers. And I hate spoilers. I hate it when anybody talks about anything even remotely involved with a show. I don't care what you think. I want to find out by watching the show. But many of these probably showed up in the promos for these very shows. So they're not really spoilers.

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