Monday, October 4, 2010

Football. No, the other kind. No, the other other kind.

Random sports headline of the week: the two teams in the Australian Rules Football championship game played to a tie. In the event of a tie, the Aussie Rules say you have a re-do. Not overtime. No shootouts. You play the whole game again.

(A week later they replayed it and one team blew the other team out.)

I think the Aussies might be on to something. FIFA should pay attention. Except in soccer they should make them play it over on the spot. Fuck you, get back on the field and do it over. Think that wouldn't change the strategy of all those teams playing for the tie?

Actually. Couple other Aussie rules they could think about while they're at it.

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  1. Really? That's a crazy rule.

    This reminds me of how stupid the NHL is. Let's complain for years that there are too many ties. Then, we'll come up with a way of encouraging teams to play for the win in overtime. Then, we'll add shootouts so there's just no possibility of the tie. Then, we'll complain for years that there's too many teams benefiting from winning in the shootout and screwing up the standings. Then, we'll (probably) implement rules that will punish teams for losing in OT/shootout so that the standings aren't thrown out of whack. Then, we'll start to complain that there's too many ties and not enough people playing for the win in OT/shootouts (probably).