Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Why (Postseason) Baseball is Awesome

Almost all postseason sports are good. But, I've lost interest in basketball the last few seasons. And my interest in hockey dries up pretty quickly if I don't have a team that I'm actively following. But I always come back to playoff baseball. There's always a team to get behind.

I think part of this is that we're just so far removed from any baseball team that it's easy to start cheering for others.

As well, it's possible to hate a team through one series and then cheer for them the next. I mean, Philadelphia last year? No way. Until they start playing the Yankees. Then I like them. Now they have Roy Halladay and I want to cheer for them. Same thing this year. I wanted the Rays to win and Texas beat them. Boooooo Texas. But now that I'm watching Texas play and I can follow all their storylines, I love 'em.

As well, the game, while not slow, has enough breaks that you get all these little stories about what's going on behind the scenes. Cliff Lee's kid had leukemia and he had to jump from his cab last year and hop on the Subway to make it to the game on time? Awesome. Not the leukemia part, but you know what I mean.

But the chief thing that people don't get about baseball...it can break open at any moment. A team can be down by 5 runs, they get a few hits and all of a sudden another hit can tie the game. Maybe 10% of games are blowouts decided before the final couple of innings. How many hockey games are like that? Every single pitch has a tremendous amount of anticipation to it. It's beautiful.

Lastly. Greg Zaun. Man, Greg Zaun is awesome. Best commentator in sports. He doesn't get to say much as he only comes up every few innings during commercial breaks, but he's just so interesting. Stories about everything.

I fell in love with him a few years ago when he first started. At the end of the coverage they had the "Jerry Whatever His Name is wardrobe furnished in part by Z-Zegna. Greg Zaun's wardrove furnished by..." and then there was this little dis-embodied Greg Zaun voice saying "Greg Zaun." Just so awesome.

Watch baseball.


  1. OK, I watched the Giants close out against the Phillies on the weekend. I was casually rooting Phillies, but not really that heartbroken at the result. You're totally right. Playoff baseball is intense. Every inning, runners got on, pitchers filled the count, and every pitch could have won or lost the game. Great TV.

    But what the hell is with "God Bless America" at the seventh inning stretch? How long has this been going on? Is this a 9-11 thing? If so, it is time to move the hell on. Whatever, let the tea party shit all over the separation of church and state. Let's just make sure church and sports stay bloody well apart. Selig! Get on it.

  2. I know dude. It's crazy. But look at national anthems before games. WWII. It didn't exactly go away. I think it's here to stay.

    And yes. It is a 9-11 thing.