Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Why Girls and that Creepy Adam Dude are Great

So.  We've been watching Girls.  And I wasn't sold at first, but it's really grown on me.  I can in no way explain this.  It doesn't seem to be a show written for me.

And as I look at the show, I realize that my feelings for the show have changed as my understanding of Creepy Adam have.  Them be spoilers.  Down there.

So, we start off with Adam being this weird dude that treats girls like shit and does creepy weird things.  He seems like a real asshole.  And all you can think is "Why would somebody sleep with this asshole?"

But then, she starts trying to date him.  Really pursuing him in, well, pursuit of a relationship.  And all you can think is "Why would somebody want to date this asshole?"

But then it all changes.  Suddenly.  His response to this sort of childish longing based on nothing is "You don't know me.  You don't know anything about me.  You've never tried to know me and you're in love with some sort of image of me."  Which seems entirely true and really insightful.

And then it's all summed up (paraphrase) in one statement made about this character: "Is he the deepest guy ever or just a total fucking asshole".  I'm going to go look that quote up right now.  Nope.  Here it is. "Is he like a great thinker or just a total fucking idiot?"  Much better.
And then as the show progresses, you start to see it.  Here is a guy that may be an asshole, but he's completely up front and honest about everything he is an asshole about.  He doesn't promise something up and not deliver.  He doesn't skulk around in the background screwing people over.  He just tells you exactly what he's about and you can either accept that or not.  And really, how can you possibly complain about that?

And then, he just seems completely and entirely aware of himself and what he is doing and who he is and, maybe not where he's going, but at least knows his direction.  And he can see through your bullshit and not accept it.  And that is why I think this guy is great.  He has a surety of self that almost borders on arrogance.  But it isn't.  And that's why I like him.  I admire the decisiveness.  Wow.  "Decisiveness".  Try spelling that correctly the first time.

And yes, he's still an asshole.  But, really, he's kind of awesome at the same time.

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