Friday, August 17, 2012

Revisiting - Gob

I have a new challenge for you guys to not do every month - come up with an old album that needs revisiting.

I'm going to start us off with the Gob EP from 1994 (Holy shit I can't believe there is a Wikipedia entry for this).  Honestly, I think that this album is about as important as any to me as far as learning to love music.  I didn't really have much experience with music released on anything other than a major label before this.
Gob rolled through Kamloops around this time.  I think my friends band was talking to them about opening, but they never did.  But I remember the show and they seemed so...just beyond all of the other things I was listening to.

I bought this little EP and it stayed in my CD player for weeks.  I'd listen to it 3-4 times in a row, no problem.  These were the days of lots of Pixies and Jane's Addiction and whatnot for me.  I'd consciously avoided the whole Offspring/Bad Religion thing that was going on.  It scratched an itch.

And listening to it now, man, it's actually really stood the test of time.  It didn't fall victim to the horrible staccato drumming of pop punk that would come in the next few years.  There seems to be a reason that I really liked it.  Too bad all the shit they made after this EP kind of sucked.

Oh wait.  Bad drums show up on the last song.  I forgot about that.

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