Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Revisiting - Pennywise

It's kind of funny the shit you get up to on a long airplane ride.

Generally, I'm an album listener.  I like albums.  But when you're in that slumbery never-neverland 8 hours into a flight, it's tough to commit.  So I started exploring a bit.  And I stumbled upon Pennywise.  I was going to specify Pennywise, but look at any of the first three (Pennywise, Unknown Road, About Time) and you really can't go wrong.  But check out Wikipedia.  Can you believe this fuckers are still making music?  Okay, Full Circle was a decent album.  But that's a "classic" now?  Jesus Christ.

Incidentally.  I work with a religious dude.  He says "fuck".  He says "shit".  But he's visibly distressed when I say "hell" or "jesus christ".  I'm struggling to adapt.

So.  Back to Pennywise.  So many good songs.  And, it's not embarrassing to listen to this music, what...20 years later.  They were just so fast.  Some of the solos are a bit embarrassing, but nobody can touch this right now.

Okay.  The whole of Pennywise is just fucking awesome.  I guess I should have specified that one.  Wouldn't It Be Nice.  Rules.  The Secret.  Living for Today.  Come Out Fighting.  Ending of with Bro Hymn.  Come on.  It's a classic.

Then you have...Man.  Just go listen to that album.

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