Monday, June 21, 2010


Typically, if I walk into a show and see some girl up front with a laptop and a keyboard I go looking for a beer to dull my senses so that I'm slightly less aware of the sonic gut punches that are soon to follow. I'm sure that many a great album has been created this way but it seldom makes for an interesting show.

And that's what was so shocking about Bachelorette. With little more than the above mentioned equipment and a Windows 95 style light show, she killed it. Not in the "wow, I actually kind of danced!" sort of way. More in the "I could have listened to that shit for hours!" kind of way.

Each song would start with a basic drum beat and then she would slowly add layer upon layer over the next few minutes to produce a complex room full of sound. After the show, I "tracked down" the album (My Electric Family) and I've given it a solid amount of play time. The album is good, but it oddly feels like some of the intricacy and spectacle of it is lost in recording. Regardless, it's worth tracking down and keeping your eyes open for the live show.

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