Monday, June 21, 2010

Being There

I was introduced to Hal Ashby in this Slate article last year. I saw Harold and Maude shortly thereafter and it kind of weirded me out a bit. I put Being There on my list but it was tough to find and Harold and Maude didn't provide for enough motivation. We finally tracked it down at Limelight and I'm still grinning and thinking about it now.

The beauty of this movie is how current it remains. With the emphasis our current society put on "TV experts" and analyzing every word, action and picture to death, this movie becomes even more funny. I can imagine Sara Palin watching this film and wondering why she hadn't seen the cameras. Go watch it.

And then read the Roger Ebert review...only after though. It makes me feel better for liking this movie.

Also, particularly on point today, via boingboing, this article on how stupid people don't understand that they're stupid and the problems that this creates. Can't wait for parts 2-5.

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