Monday, June 28, 2010

Coupon culture

These stories where people eat while spending ridiculously low sums of money due to crazy amounts of coupon usage come up every once in a while on boingboing. Every time I read them I am momentarily fascinated and start thinking that maybe I should start looking at coupons. Please, take a minute and read what this guy did on day one. It's crazy. It's almost unbelievable.

And that is where it all breaks down for me. I think that there is something in my brain that doesn't allow me to believe that this is possible. So I don't bother doing it. I think that all I really need is one coupon success. One coupon site filled with...I don't for bacon and coconut milk and I'll finally force myself into doing something about it.

On a similar note, we stopped at Cost Cutters in Blaine last night on our way home. It's about 500 meters from the Truck Crossing Border. It's crazy. We bought...

2 pounds of Tillamook cheddar for 6 bucks.
2 containers of Hagen Daaz Ice Cream for $3.50 each.
2 giant bags of Gorilla Munch, Organic, Gluten Free corn puffs for 5 bucks each (they're 12 up here)
1 bag of sketchy looking beef jerky for $3.50
A bag of dried ancho chilis and a bag of california dried chilis for about a buck each. Huge bags!
A giant bottle of gluten free soy sauce for 7 bucks (12-14 up here)

Now, back to the coupons. I found this site that gives you lists of coupons. And the main problem is that I don't want to buy most of this stuff.


  1. There was something in the Globe life section yesterday on this 1$ a day guy. Semi interesting. He was asked if he ever felt self-conscious in grocery store lineups. He answered that at first, the people behind him would be pissed off at all the coupon scanning, but then they'd see his final bill and be like "whoa, magic!"

  2. PS culture gulag indeed. My next post is the CFL for sure.

  3. Yes. has taken a direction that I didn't anticipate. I hope that we will still use this as a forum to share new and exciting things that we should listen to, watch or read. I guess it can be bigger than that. And include the CFL.