Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sarah Daniels is the Worst

Sarah Daniels makes me so angry.  I realize that she's really a symptom of the problem and a physical object on which I can transfer my frustration...but she's just the worst.

If anybody doesn't know who Sarah Daniels is...well, she's a former Radio/TV traffic girl who went and got her real estate license and is now the Global BC real estate "Expert".  I don't know about you, but when I'm looking for expert advice on the real estate market I tend to turn to economists, accountants and the like.  But no, Global BC turns to a former traffic girl.  A former traffic girl who makes a living off the myth of an infallible Vancouver real estate.  Very impartial.

So, week after week I hear about how it's a "great time to buy".  Indeed, today her segment (Dunbar and White Rock - So hot!) followed a story about the potential collapse of the Euro zone.  Because the collapse of the (arguably) most powerful currency in the world couldn't have any impact on Vancouver Real Estate Prices*.  Because we have an ocean and a border and mountains!  Nowhere but up!

To make things even worse, her stupid, perky, ever-smiling face has a show on HGTV.  One of those terrible shows where they talk people who can't buy a television without financing into purchasing a condo somewhere.

I don't even know what to do about this.  I wish things like this didn't bother me.  I don't think an angry letter to Global BC will result in much.  I think I've already written one and they never seem to respond to my angry letters.  A Facebook anti-fan page?  Please.  Ideas.  This woman must be stopped.  Perhaps City TV will split the cost on an anti-Sarah Daniels billboard?  Oh...I really want to mock that up.

*Note - I thought about this for a while after I posted this.  I actually think that she might believe that a collapsing world economy will have a positive effect on Vancouver real estate. i.e. "There's no other good investments left in the world so everybody is going to come to Vancouver and buy a condo from me."

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