Monday, November 28, 2011


1. All ruling politicians are frustrated by their critics and opponents.

2. All ruling politicians secretly wish for the kind of mindless devotion only pop stars get.

3. Most politicians are stuck working under democracy, a system that generates disagreement.

:. Any politician who sings in public is admitting that he—always he, somehow—wishes he were a dictator.

Exhibit A: Berlusconi just released an album.

Exhibit B: Robert Mugabe is a hit with the kids.

Exhibit C: Abdala Bucaram, Ecuador's most catastrophic president in recent memory, thinks he's Elvis.
And lest we forget,

Exhibit D: Majority government. Seriously.

Exhibit E: The fact that this man is possible is the reason I study American culture.

*** heard about all this on The Bugle. Thanks guys for sorting out my xmas shopping.

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