Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How Entourage could make your girlfriend/wife/partner just a little nicer

O.K., I'm still on the Entourage kick a bit. Besides helping me see Homies in a new light, I think Entourage is the best show to watch with your girlfriend/wife/partner to see the relationship between Ari Gold and Mrs. Gold. In short, I think Mrs. Gold is a sexy Mother Teresa and a role model for women everywhere.

So, why this show could be good for you and your significant other? Because Ari is an asshole. Huge asshole. But his wife is cool with him, and no matter how bad "you" could be, you couldn't be as big an asshole as Ari Gold. So when you are acting like a dick around your girlfriend/wife/partner, if you watch enough Entourage together you might get her thinking "Wow, he's being an ass, but it could be worse. He could be as bad as Ari Gold, and his wife is fine with him. I wonder if other women act like Ari Gold's wife? I bet they do. I think I'll let that comment slide."

This would be the start of a whole chain reaction where we, as men, can push that boundary and get away with more and more and more. As long as Mrs. Gold keeps acting calm, and smiles, and looks hot as hell, more women will see that as the norm and change their ways. Gentlemen, time to introduce the ladies/partners to Entourage.


  1. I think I'm too stupid to use Entourage as a worst case scenario like that. It's more like I watch it, then I get to thinking that I could probably be a much bigger a-hole than I am and get away with it (because they do on TV!), so I try that, and she calls me on it. Stupid.

  2. I'm not too sure about that. My take is that Misses Ari actually wears the pants and that Ari runs around swearing and making a scene and she allows it as she knows that when it comes right down to it he's going to do what she says so she may as well let him have his little tirades and tantrums.