Monday, July 12, 2010

Mechanically Blended, Soft-Serve Ice Cream Confectionary Treat

If you've watched TV over the last two months, you've seen an ad for the Dairy Queen Blizzard. I quite liked the first one, I think mainly because the idea was fresh. I also just figured out that the Dad played his "yelling man" character in past Dairy Queen ads.

I completely forgot about the second one, with the clown. It kind of sucked.

And the third one just stretches the concept out way too thin.

But even though the idea is getting a bit annoying and stale, every time I see one of these ads I have to mentally restrain myself from getting in my car and going to buy a Blizzard. I don't want ice cream. I don't want a Frosty. I want a Blizzard. An Orea Blizzard specifically. Immediately. As large as I possibly can carry.

I think these ads have resulted in my buying exactly one small Blizzard in the last month, but this is only due to my insanely strong willpower. A weaker being would crumble and be up a good 15-20 pounds. Why are these ads so effective? Are they effective, or could you just show a video of a Blizzard for 30 seconds and get the same results? Does anybody else feel this way?


  1. Had the same reaction to 30 Rock a couple seasons ago and Salma Hayek's senor flurry. Best product placement in a while - because it was so blatant. And so I vowed to switch from Blizzards to Mcflurrys forever just to reward a clever bit of advertising, even though they're not as good and don't come in nearly as many flavours.

    25 years old, though? I actually remember when Blizzards first came out. I was TV watching age, and DQ was buying commercial time on He Man and Transformers. I probably drove my parents nuts.

  2. I always thought that kids that played with He-Man were a bit weird and confusing to me. I didn't really trust kids that were in to wrestling either.